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Hydraulic Asymmetrical Plate Rolling Machine

Hydraulic Asymmetrical Plate Rolling Machine

The hydraulic asymmetrical roller bending machine is a kind of hydraulic plate rolling machine in the form of three roller asymmetry. The upper roll is used as the main drive. The lower roll moves vertically to clamp plates tightly. It has dual function of pre-bending and rolling. The machine uses the hydraulic oil in hydraulic cylinder to make piston rod drive the work rolls do up and down movement. This hydraulic plate rolling machine is designed for rolling light or medium plates. HB manufactures a wide variety of hydraulic asymmetrical roller bending machines that have unique designs and features. Our rolling machines employ the latest technology to handle a broad range of materials without any difficulty. Our hydraulic plate rolling machines are highly demanded by the chemical industry, shipbuilding industry, water treatment plant, power plant, petroleum industry, etc.

Operation of Hydraulic Asymmetrical Roller Bending Machine

Parameters of Asymmetrical Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine

Model Max. Plate Thickness Max. Plate Width Upper
Center Distance Motor
Overall Dimension
  mm mm mm mm mm kw mm
W11F-6×1500 6 1500 160 140 220 4 3129×850×1100
W11F-6×2000 6 200 170 160 260 5.5 3629×850×1270
W11F-6×3200 6 3200 220 180 280 7.5 3829×850×1270
W11F-8×2000 8 2000 185 170 260 5.5 3791×1169×1272
W11F-8×2500 8 2500 240 180 280 7.5 4300×1169×1272
W11F-12×2000 12 2000 240 180 280 11 5300×1400×1400
W11F-12×3000 12 3000 280 240 360 11 4800×1400×1400
W11F-16×2000 16 2000 260 220 320 11 4300×1400×1400
W11F-16×3200 16 3200 340 260 430 18.5 5280×1425×1962
W11F-20×2500 20 2500 340 260 430 18.5 5780×1425×1962
W11F-25×2500 25 2500 370 270 480 22 6480×1425×1962

HB Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier of asymmetrical hydraulic plate rolling machines in China. In addition to this asymmetrical roller bending machine, we also provide cut-to-length line, leveling machine, shearing machine, press brake, profile bending machine, etc. Our hydraulic plate bending machines are well received by customers all over the world.

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