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Two Roller Plate Rolling Machine

Two Roller Plate Rolling Machine

Two roller plate rolling machine is a new kind of plate bending machine. It has a top roll (upper roll) and a lower roll (bottom roll). The top roll is a rigid steel roller and the lower one is flexible and rubber-coated. The flexible roller is close to rigid roller to make the deformed work piece become qualified shape. During operation, we should feed the plate between the two rollers and then adjust the distance of the two rollers. Our two roller plate rolling machines are flexible so that their plate surface can not get wear and tear early. The obvious merit for this plate bending machine is without pre-bending and trimming. It can roll into various shapes, such as circular, elliptical, conical and customized shapes.

1. The productivity of this two roller plate rolling machine is more than 4000 pieces per day.  
2. This kind of plate bending machine has no damage to metal sheet.
3. Punched, engraved or pierced plate may be rolled without deformation.
4. Rolling materials range from the softest to the hardest.
5. High precision pipes, tubes and cylinders can be rolled on this rolling machine.
6. This plate bending machine has simple structure with only two rollers. The two roller plate rolling machine is easy to operate and realize auto operation with high efficiency.

Main Standard Parts

Title Positioning
Axletree ZWZ
Main Electrical Components Schneider
Valve Yuken
Touch Screen DELTA
Transducer OMRON

Operation of Two Roller Plate Rolling Machine


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