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Hydraulic Pendulum Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Pendulum Shearing Machine

Hydraulic pendulum plate shearing machine adopts integral welded steel plate structure, hydraulic upper transmission and vibration to eliminate stress. This hydraulic swing beam shearing machine or hydraulic swing type plate shear is famous for high strength and good rigidity. The hydraulic pendulum plate shearing machine does shearing movement through the main oil cylinder, which can simplify the hydraulic system and make it run more stable. The top carrier of this hydraulic swing beam shearing machine swings like an arc around a fixed axis in the shearing process. Indicator-based adjustment of gap of blade is convenient and fast. The hydraulic pendulum plate shearing machine is equipped with lighting alignment device, and uses stepless control for the stroke of tool carrier. This hydraulic swing beam shearing machine uses protection fence for safe operation.

Technical Parameters of Hydraulic Pendulum Plate Shearing Machine

Model Shearing
of Stroke
( spm)
Adjusting Range
of Back Gauge (mm)
Motor Power
QC12Y-4×2500 4×2500 1°30’ ≥18 20-600 5.5 4,300
QC12Y-4×3200 4×3200 1°30’ ≥14 20-600 5.5 6,000
QC12Y-4×4000 4×4000 1°30’ ≥10 20-600 5.5 7,500
QC12Y-4×5000 4×5000 1°30’ ≥10 20-600 7.5 16,000
QC12Y-6×2500 6×2500 1°30’ ≥18 20-600 7.5 5,000
QC12Y-6×3200 6×3200 1°30’ ≥14 20-600 7.5 6,500
QC12Y-6×4000 6×4000 1°30’ ≥10 20-600 7.5 8,500
QC12Y-6×5000 6×5000 1°30’ ≥10 20-750 11 16,000
QC12Y-6×6000 6×6000 1°30’ ≥10 20-800 11 17,500
QC12Y-8×2500 8×2500 1°30’ ≥14 20-600 11 5,500
QC12Y-8×3200 8×3200 1°30’ ≥10 20-600 11 7,200
QC12Y-8×4000 8×4000 1°30’ ≥8 20-600 11 9,200
QC12Y-8×5000 8×5000 1°30’ ≥7 20-750 15 21,000
QC12Y-8×6000 8×6000 1°30’ ≥5 20-750 15 28,000
QC12Y-10×2500 10×2500 ≥11 20-600 15 8,500
QC12Y-10×3200 10×3200 1°48’ ≥10 20-600 15 9,500
QC12Y-10×4000 10×4000 ≥12 20-800 18.5 13,500
QC12Y-12×2500 12×2500 1°40’ ≥11 20-800 18.5 10,000
QC12Y-12×3200 12×3200 1°40’ ≥10 20-800 18.5 11,500
QC12Y-12×4000 12×4000 1°40’ ≥8 20-800 18.5 14,200
QC12Y-16×2500 16×2500 2°20’ ≥8 20-800 18.5 11,500
QC12Y-16×3200 16×3200 2°20’ ≥7 20-800 18.5 13,800
QC12Y-16×4000 16×4000 2°20’ ≥5 20-800 18.5 15,300
QC12Y-20×2500 20×2500 2°30’ ≥6 20-800 30 16,000
QC12Y-20×3200 20×3200 2°30’ ≥5 30-800 30 18,000
QC12Y-20×4000 20×4000 2°30’ ≥5 30-800 37 21,000
QC12Y-20×5000 20×5000 2°30’ ≥4 20-800 37 30,000
QC12Y-25×2500 25×2500 ≥5 40-800 37 21,000
QC12Y-25×3200 25×3200 ≥4 40-1000 37 26,000
CNC System for Hydraulic Pendulum Plate Shearing Machine

According to its features, E10S hydraulic guillotine type plate shearer is equipped with photoelectric encoder to display the position of back gauge. It can also set the shearing amount. Special single direction position indicating function and screw pitch deviation compensation table can ensure that the display position and the actual position are the same. It is also installed with time relay, soft limit and power memory, bringing great convenience for our customers. This CNC system owns highly cost-effective advantage.

Main Function:
1. This system possesses 2 rows, 6×7 segment and LED display.
2. The unit of back gauge position is 0.1mm or 0.01 mm.
3. It owns screw pitch deviation compensation table.
4. Shearing count is available for this CNC system.
5. It has built-in time relay.
6. Inch or metric is optional.
7. Scale factor is free to set.


This product absorbs advantages of similar products both at home and abroad, combines domestic cutting equipment application requirements and develops bending device control system. It adopts unique drive control technology which ensures work accuracy and reduces the cost of control shearing machine. This creates conditions for the popularization of shearing machine control.

1. This system can do positioning control for back gauge of shearing machine.
2. It owns unidirectional and bidirectional positioning function that can effectively eliminate screw gap.
3. This system has material escape function which can block the interference between feeding device and workpiece, reduce wear and improve positioning accuracy.
4. It possesses automatic or manual search function of reference point.
5. This system has de-energized position memory function. It can protect parameters, locations and programs.
6. It owns fast position teaching function.
7. The multi-step programming function can realize multi-step automatic running, complete the one-time processing of multi-step parts and improve production efficiency.
8. Metric or imperial is optional to meet different users’ needs.

E210S is the latest functional shearing machine control system developed by ESTUN company. It includes all functions of E200-S CNC system. The system is equipped with servo motor, servo drive, ball screw, linear guide and imported electric appliances.

Main Function:
1. This system adopts 5.6-inch, 640×480 color display screen with high-grade delicate show.
2. It possesses advanced algorithms angle programming functions which helps it program quickly and conveniently.
3. The built-in PLC logic brings greater flexibility and stability.
4. It owns the upper and lower mould library.
5. This E210S CNC system can store 100 programs, each of which has 25 steps (E200-S has 40 programs).

DAC-310 special CNC system for shearing machine adopts the latest electronic technology. Featuring compact structure and complete function, it can provide a set of general solutions for the back gauge and blade gap of shearing machine, and the shearing process control. There are mainly three back gauge axis control modes including servo motor control, double speed AC motor control and VVVF control.

1. This system possesses high-resolution LCD display with 275 × 48 pixels.
2. It features back gauge control, incision gap control and shear stroke control.
3. There is synchronized display of back gauge actual position and programmed value.
4. It owns shearing count function and panel mounting.
5. Max program step is up to 100.
6. Servo control / VVVF control / double speed AC motor control are available.

This CNC system is a dedicated control system used for CNC hydraulic shearing machine.

1. This system is suitable for automatic control for full-featured front feeding or back gauge control.
2. It adopts high-definition LCD display and menu-driven programming.
3. This CNC system can automatically calculate and control the shearing angle, blade gap and the shearing process.
4. It adopts the absolute position and relative position programming modes.
5. The system can automatically search for reference point and also can set the position of power memory.
6. There are several custom auxiliary signal outputs.
7. The unique hand wheel can facilitate adjustment of the machine.  
8. It adopts modular structure, flexible definition or expansion X1-X2 synchronized feeding control and transmission Z axis control.
9. This CNC system has self-diagnostic program.
10. There are one-way positioning and bi-directional positioning available for customers.
11. It owns RS232 serial interface.
12. This system can set counting mode (count the increased and reduced).

DAC-360 system provides a complete solution for shearing machine control, such as back gauge control, shearing angle control, shearing process control and shearing pressure control. In addition to the back gauge, DAC-360 system can automatically calculate the shearing angle and blade gap according to material properties and sheet thickness. In accordance with the sheet width, this system can automatically calculate the shearing process to maximize saving shearing time. This CNC system can realize control of the back gauge by servo, double speed motor or one-way direction output modes. Besides, according to the application, customers can also select single bilateral positioning of axis deviation correction table. The system can realize the full control of the clamping pressure and shearing pressure. The high brightness LCD display and concise programming interface provide operators with good human-computer interaction dialogue.

1. This system possesses 4.7 LCD display.
2. DAC-360 CNC system owns automatic control of back gauge, blade gap, shearing process and shearing angle.
3. It has the function of automatic count of shearing pressure.
4. There are 100 programs that each program has 25 steps.
5. I/O port flexible definition is available for this system.

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