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Symmetrical Plate Rolling Machine (Symmetric Rolling Machine)

  • Hydraulic Symmetrical Plate Rolling Machine
    Hydraulic symmetrical rolling machine is a kind of hydraulic three roller symmetrical roller machine. It can roll metal sheets into round, arc and conical work pieces. The bottom roll is the active roller while the upper roll is the driven roller. This symmetrical plate bending machine is extensively used in shipbuilding, boiler, aviation, water and electricity, chemical industry, metal structure ...
  • Mechanical Symmetrical Plate Rolling Machine
    Mechanical symmetrical plate rolling machine, also called mechanical symmetrical rolling machine, is a kind of three roller asymmetric rolling equipment. The upper roll moves vertically in the center between the two lower rolls. The two lower rolls rotate and provide the plate materials with torque. The mechanical plate bending machine consists of two parts...

The symmetrical plate rolling machine is also called symmetric rolling machine, symmetrical rolling machine, symmetrical bending machine or symmetrical plate bending machine. It is in the form of three roller symmetry. The top roll locates in the central symmetric position over the two lower or bottom rolls. It can move up and down to adapt to different requirements of roll bending radius and exert pressure to the plate. There is a fixed center distance between the two bottom rolls. They are arranged symmetrically compared to the top roll. Decelerator gears of the bottom rolls can provide torsion moment for coiling sheet metals. This symmetrical rolling machine (symmetrical plate bending machine) features compact structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance. Symmetric rolling machine is mainly used for rolling larger diameter drums or barrels. It does not need any accessory bending equipment. Due to its low cost, symmetrical bending machine is widely used in the market.

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