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Six-High Roller Leveling Machine

Six-High Roller Leveling Machine

This six-high roller leveling machine, also known as six-roller straightening machine, is an upgraded model of the four-high roller straightening machine. The installation of a middle roller between the upper/lower leveling working roll and the support roll constitutes the six-high roller structure. The middle roller makes the supporting force of the support roll does not act directly on the working roll. This can avoid the four-high roller leveling machine leaving support roll indentation on the surface of sensitive materials when working. This six-roller straightening machine can also greatly maintain the surface state of processed materials. It is mainly used for leveling aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, copper, non-ferrous metal plate and different metal composite plates. The leveling roller force is distributed evenly. This roller leveling machine features rigid structure, small bending deformation and high leveling precision. It is applicable for leveling high precision plates. This six-roller straightening machine is an essential device for leveling aluminum.

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Structure Chart of Six-High Roller Leveling Machine

Technical Parameters of Six-Roller Straightening Machine

Model Max. Leveling Thickness Max. Leveling Width Min. Leveling Thickness Distance between Working Rollers Diameter of Working Rollers Number of Working Rollers Leveling Speed Main Motor Power
  mm mm mm mm mm   m/min kw
W43G-2×800 2 800 0.6 50 48 21 6 7.5
W43G-2×1300 2 1300 0.6 55 50 19 10 55
W43G-3×1600 3 1600 0.8 70 65 15 10 45
W43G-3×2500 3 2500 0.8 80 75 19 10 37
W43G-6×2000 6 2000 1.5 100 95 13 8.6 45

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