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Slitting Line

Slitting Line

Cold rolled cut-to-length line is a kind of uncoiling slitting recoiling line. This cold rolled steel plate slitting machine is often used for processing all kinds of metal coils, such as low-carbon steel, PPGI, galvanized coil, stainless steel through decoiling, leveling, crosscutting and stacking. The total line is controlled by PLC system. HB has got rich experience in cold rolled steel plate slitting machine (cold rolled cut-to-length line). We have excellent welding, machining and assembling capability. Our company carries out European standard strictly on material, welding and machining.

Main Parts
Cold rolled steel plate slitting machine (cold rolled cut-to-length line) mainly consists of coiling car, double support uncoiler, feeding device, traction leveler, shear, 1 # swing bridge, corrective feeding device, slitting machine, scrap rolling machine, 2 # swing bridge, pre-feeding device, tensioning machine, feed roller, steering cylinder, rear axle, winder, discharge car, winding auxiliary support, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc.

Structure Chart

Technical Parameters of Cold Rolled Cut-To-Length Line

Model Plate Thickness(mm) Plate
Shearing Number Shearing Speed m/min Uncoil Weight (ton)
HBSL-0.5×1300 0.15~0.5 500-1300 24 50-150 7
HBSL-2×1300 0.3~2 500-1300 12~30 50-180 7~15
HBSL-2×1600 0.3~2 500-1600 12~30 50-180 7~15
HBSL-3×1600 0.3~3 500-1600 8~30 50-180 15
HBSL-3×1800 0.3~3 900-1800 8~30 50-180 20
HBSL-4×1600 1~4 900-1600 6~30 50-120 20
HBSL-6×1600 1~6 900-1600 6~30 30-80 30
HBSL-12×1600 2~12 900-1600 5~30 20-50 30

LANTYPC® Machine. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of cold rolled cut-to-length lines in China. In addition to this steel plate slitting machine, we also provide rolling machine, leveling machine, shearing machine, press brake, profile bending machine, etc. Due to our products' high quality, professional service and competitive price, our uncoiling slitting recoiling lines are well received by customers all over the world.

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