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Four Roller Plate Rolling Machine

  • Hydraulic Four Roller Plate Rolling Machine
    The hydraulic 4-roller plate bending machine, also known as four roller hydraulic plate bending machine, is special for rolling wide, small diameter and thick plates. The rising and falling of lower and side rolls are hydraulically driven and leveling is automatically controlled by computer. Both the upper roll and lower roll are equipped with support system for reducing the deformation of the rollers...
  • CNC Four Roller Plate Rolling Machine
    CNC 4-roller plate bending machine is a kind of CNC plate bending machine. It adopts the four-roller structure with the upper roll as the main drive. The lower roll makes vertical movement and imposes a force on the position through the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder so as to clamp the plate tightly. Side rollers are arranged on the two sides of the lower roll to make inclining movement along...

4-roller plate bending machine is mainly used for producing wind turbine towers. As a patented product of our company, this rolling equipment is developed by introducing foreign technology and combining the characteristics of domestic products. Its main structure consists of upper roll, bottom roll, side roll, main drive device, tipping device, right and left supporting structure and seat. Featuring high efficiency, low energy and easy operation, its performance is superior to equivalent domestic products. The 4-roller plate bending machine conforms to the latest standards for modern rolling equipment and it is the result of a technological development over many years. HB mainly provides hydraulic and CNC four roller plate rolling machines. Our company is one of the best four roller bending machine manufacturers on the market today.