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Leveling Machine

  • Six-High Roller Leveling Machine
    It is an upgraded model of the four-high roller straightening machine. The installation of a middle roller between the upper/lower leveling working roll and the support roll constitutes the six-high roller structure. The middle roller makes the supporting force of the support roll does not act directly on the working roll...
  • Four-High Roller Leveling Machine
    It is also called four-high roller straightening machinery. As a cold-rolled leveling device for sheet metals and strip plates, this leveling equipment can be used with various rolling machines and uncoiling machines to constitute a main production line. It can also be used alone. Four-high leveling equipment is applicable to metallurgy...

Leveling machine, also known as straightening machine or straightening equipment, is a general device in plate processing. Its design depends on the thickness, material quality and requirement of the leveled plate. The thicker the material is, the more rigid the needed structure will be. This machine is mainly used for leveling different specifications of plates and sheets that are cut into blocks. It is also applicable to level various kinds of cold and hot rolled plates. Due to its easy and convenient operation, its application covers a wide range, such as machinery, metallurgy, construction material, chemical industry, electronics, electric power, light industry, etc. This leveling machine or straightening machine is typically used in the industries of shipbuilding, locomotive vehicle, boiler, bridge, metal structure factory, and so on. It has become an indispensible product in production. Roller plate straightening equipment makes use of material's "Bauschinger Effect" to do a number of positive and negative bending of plates. This can gradually change a variety of the original curvatures into a single curvature and eventually reach leveling effect. HB Machinery mainly provides four-high roller leveling machine and six-high roller straightening machine. Our products have gained CE certification.

HB Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier who designs and produces leveling equipment (straightening equipment) in China. In addition, we are also engaged in producing plate rolling machine, shearing machine, press brake, profile bending machine, and so on. Due to high quality, professional service and competitive price, our leveling machines or straightening machines are well received by customers all over the world.