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Hydraulic Four Roller Plate Rolling Machine

Hydraulic Four Roller Plate Rolling Machine

The hydraulic four roller plate rolling machine is also known as four roller hydraulic plate bending machine. It is specially used for rolling wide, small diameter and thick plates. Both the upper roll and lower roll are equipped with support system for reducing the deformation of the rollers. The main structure of the rolling equipment includes upper roll, lower roll, side roller, downturn system, left and right side frames, chassis, balance system, hydraulic system and electrical control system. The four roller hydraulic plate bending machine is of high technology, multifunction, high precision and convenient operation. HB four roller plate rolling equipment is an ideal large or medium plate bending equipment at present. Possessing NC control system, this hydraulic rolling machine can level easily and realize circle forming.

LANTYPC® Machine. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of four roller hydraulic plate bending machines in China. In addition to this rolling equipment, we also provide cut-to-length line, leveling machine, shearing machine, press brake, profile bending machine, etc. Our products are well received by customers all over the world.

Technical Parameters of Four Roller Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine

Model Diameter of Upper Roll Diameter of Lower Roll Diameter of Side Roller Main Motor
W12-10×2000 240 225 180 5.5
W12-15×2500 280 260 225 11
W12-20×2000 300 290 260 15
W12-25×3000 420 400 325 30
W12-30×2500 420 400 325 37
W12-35×3500 550 535 420 55
W12-40×2500 510 490 410 55
W12-50×3500 640 625 480 75
W12-55×3000 640 625 480 75
W12-60×3500 700 680 520 75
W12-70×3000 720 700 550 90
W12-80×3500 840 830 630 55×2
W12-90×3500 890 880 670 75×2
W12-100×3500 925 905 695 45×4
W12-120×4000 1020 1000 770 55×4
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