Product List

Cut-To-Length Line

  • Sheet Metal Cut-To-Length LineSheet Metal Cut-To-Length Line Sheet Metal Cut-To-Length Line
  • Medium Plate Cut-To-Length LineMedium Plate Cut-To-Length Line Medium Plate Cut-To-Length Line
  • Thick Plate Cut-To-Length Line Thick Plate Cut-To-Length Line Thick Plate Cut-To-Length Line
  • Cold Rolled Cut-To-Length LineCold Rolled Cut-To-Length Line Slitting Line

The uncoiling-leveling-shearing production line is an automatic transversal cut-to-length line. It can do uncoiling, leveling, measuring, cross-cutting to length and stacking work. It is mainly used for cold-rolled steel coil, hot-rolled coil, stainless steel coil, galvanized steel coil, electrical appliance, vehicle and other machinery manufacturing industries. The production line mainly includes feeding car, decoiler, leveling machine, measuring encoder, shearer, conveyor, stacker, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electrical system, etc. The cut-to-length line can significantly improve productivity, reduce cost, ensure product quality and greatly improve the market competitiveness. This uncoiling-leveling-shearing production line has NC servo system controlling the production line and PLC controlling the length measurement. The information of length, shearing number and speed can be input to the PLC system. The speed can be adjusted. It has an encoder with high precision, and the whole line can work automatically and operate easily. HB mainly provides sheet metal cut-to-length line, medium plate cut to length line, thick plate cut to length line and cold rolled cut to length line.

HB Machinery has been specialized in the design, production and distribution of cut to length lines more than ten years. In addition to this uncoiling-leveling-shearing production line, we also provide rolling machine, leveling machine, shearing machine, press brake, profile bending machine , etc. With our strong and experienced R&D team and modern production facilities, we have the capability and adaptability to meet and exceed the constantly changing market. Due to our products' high quality, professional service and competitive price, our cut-to-length lines are well received by customers all over the world.