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Marine Plate Rolling Machine

Marine Plate Rolling Machine

Marine plate rolling machine is applicable to super wide arc-shaped parts. This marine plate bending machine adopts three-roller symmetrical structure. The top roll moves vertically on the symmetrical central position of the two lower rolls. The rolling equipment's two bottom rolls do rotational movement providing torque to the rolling sheet. There are sets of carrier rollers at the bottom of the two lower rolls in order to improve the rigidity of the lower rolls. There is a rigid beam at the top of the marine plate bending machine's upper roll. Multiple sets of carrier rollers are between the beam and the upper roll, which can improve the rigidity of this rolling equipment's upper roll.

Features of Marine Plate Rolling Machine

Technical Parameters of Marine Plate Rolling Machine

Model Max.
Rolling Thickness
Rolling Width
W11C-20×8000 20 8000 245 45
W11C-25×12000 25 12000 245 55
W11C-30×12000 30 12000 245 75
W11C-30×16000 30 16000 245 110
W11C-40×18000 40 18000 245 2×75
W11C-40×21000 40 21000 245 2×75
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