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Asymmetrical Plate Rolling Machine

  • Hydraulic Asymmetrical Plate Rolling Machine
    The hydraulic asymmetrical roller bending machine is a kind of hydraulic plate bending machine in the form of three roller asymmetry. The upper roll is used as the main drive. The lower roll moves vertically to clamp plates tightly. It has dual function of pre-bending and rolling. Adopting hydraulic drive...
  • Mechanical Asymmetrical Plate Rolling Machine
    It is also known as mechanical asymmetrical 3-roller bending machine. This mechanical plate bending machine is often used for bending metal sheets. This asymmetrical rolling machine adopts push bending principle to make metal sheets deform between the up and down roller and top roll. The metal sheets can be shaped into cylinder or cone workpieces...

Asymmetrical plate rolling machine, also known as asymmetrical 3-roller bending machine, adopts the three-roller asymmetrical structure with the upper roll as the main drive and the lower roll making vertical movement so as to clamp the plate materials tightly. The main drive comes from the engagement between the gear of the lower roll and the gear of the upper roll. The side roller makes elevating movement and has preliminary bending and rolling functions. It is characterized by compact structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance. The asymmetrical plate rolling machine or asymmetrical 3-roller bending machine is extensively used in petroleum, chemical, boiler, steel structure, machinery manufacturing and production of various cylindrical barrels.

Main Features
The asymmetrical rolling machine's upper roll is manual. Due to its asymmetrical roller structure, this rolling equipment has pre-bending function. Bending rollers are motor driven and the upper roll can be moved to remove workpieces.

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